Water Oak/Whisper Bend Homeowner Association Board of Directors Announcements

  • The next regular meeting of the Water Oak HOA will be on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 6:00 PM at the Braden River Library on SR-70.  Please note the earlier time.

  • At the special Board meeting on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, the Board approved 7 resolutions and the Charters for the Architecture Committee and the Covenant Compliance Committee.  The resolutions are available through the "Links" page.

Discount for backflow testing:  Anna Williams, the Office Manager & Backflow Tester, from HOWZ IT FLOWIN AGIN, contacted Whisper Bend and offered our residents a group rate for their backflow testing during January only.  The Whisper Bend discounted rate is $27 for two or $20 for one backflow.  Call them at (941) 567-6220 to request an appointment. They will then send you an invoice and once they receive payment, they will put your address on the schedule. They will report the results to Manatee County for you. HOWZ IT FLOWIN AGIN is a certified backflow tester. 

If you do not wish to hire HOWZ IT FLOWIN AGIN, here is the list of backflow testing companies certified by Manatee County. The Whisper Bend Board of Directors is not recommending any particular company.  This is presented to inform you.

Please DO NOT park any vehicles in front of our mailboxes.  The mail carrier will not deliver mail if the mail box is blocked, then you and 3 of your neighbors will not get your mail.  The mail carriers are not allowed to get out of the mail truck for normal-sized mail.

Manatee County Animal Ordinance 12-10, Sec. 2-4-11, paragraph (d) states: "The owner or custodian of a dog or cat must have direct control of such animal at all times."  This means that dogs MUST be on a leash. Please make sure your dog is not running loose.  Click here to see the entire Manatee County Animal Ordinance.

REMINDER: Residents and contractors (lawn people, etc.) MUST NOT pour toxic or other chemicals in the gutters, down the sewers in the street, or into the lake from their back yards. It can pollute our lakes and sicken or kill the wildlife in them.  Grass clippings in the lake cause the algae and scum to thrive.

Welcome to Whisper Bend

a.k.a.  Water Oak