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​Bulletin Board

Advanced Management Inc. Website:
AMI has set up access to the Water Oak section of their website for Whisper Bend residents. A password is required to log on.  Please contact Megan Smith at AMI and she will get you set up.  She is at or at 941-359-1134, ext. 123.  
Once you are on the website click on CLIENT LOG IN and enter your ID and password.  If you wish to view the approved colors on this website, click on COMMUNITY INFORMATION, then PROPERTY INFORMATION, then choose OFFICIAL EXTERIOR COLORS.
Soliciting in Whisper Bend
​If you are bothered by non-residents of Whisper Bend soliciting at your home, call 911 and report them. The Sheriff's Office has asked us to report suspicious persons. Soliciting is not allowed in Whisper Bend. Please call 911 and report any suspicious vehicle you see in the neighborhood. 
E-Mail Alert System
​Many residents stated that they would like to have an e-mail alert system in Whisper Bend. It would be used to notify residents of anything they need to know right away, such as to be on the lookout for a suspicious person or vehicle, or break-ins.
​If you wish to participate, please send your name and e-mail address to the HOA President.
Paint Discounts are provided to Whisper Bend/Water Oak residents by Sherwin-William Paints, 5260 71st Street E, Bradenton 34203. 71st Street E is located about a half mile west on SR-70 just past Tires Plus.
Tell them you live in WATER OAK to get the discount.

Welcome to Whisper Bend

a.k.a.  Water Oak

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