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Whisper Benders Lunch Group
The lunch group was started by Bruce Williams Homes to give the residents of Whisper Bend a way to become acquainted with their neighbors. Now the residents run the luncheons. We take turns every month finding a restaurant, making the reservations, and letting the regular attendees know where to meet. We meet on the second Friday of the month at 12:30 PM. ALL residents ​of Whisper Bend are welcome. Come and meet your neighbors.
Soliciting in Whisper Bend
​If you are bothered by non-residents of Whisper Bend soliciting at your home, call 911 and report them. The Sheriff's Office has asked us to report suspicious persons. Soliciting is not allowed in Whisper Bend. Please call 911 and report any suspicious vehicle you see in the neighborhood. 
E-Mail Alert System
​Many residents stated that they would like to have an e-mail alert system in Whisper Bend. It would be used to notify residents of anything they need to know right away, such as to be on the lookout for a suspicious person or vehicle, or break-ins.
If you wish to participate, please send your name and e-mail address to the HOA President.


Welcome to Whisper Bend

a.k.a.  Water Oak