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Our HOA Officers
President Antaeus Balevre  
Vice President Nick Cichielo
Secretary Kevin Mann
Treasurer Nick Cichielo
Director Rebekah Greer
Director Dotti Sniff
Director Bob Thurber
Property Management including Estoppel Letters

Advanced Management of SW Florida, Inc. (AMI)    HOURS: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM   M-F

9031 Town Center Parkway

Bradenton, FL 34202

Office: 941-359-1134

FAX: 941-359-1089

Billing, Accounting: 941-369-1134

Colleen Fletcher, LCAM     

Brenda Smith-Myers, Assistant


Committee Chairpersons
Architecture:  Steve Merriman  
Decorating:    Carol Sonnemann 
​Welcome and Parking:  Nick Cichielo  
Whisper Bend Webmaster
Judy Balevre

Welcome to Whisper Bend

a.k.a.  Water Oak