6-26-2019:  Announcements Page

Added Notice to Realtors regarding Leasing of Units

Links Page - Redesigned the page

Added Amendments to Bylaws

Added Official Resolutions

Removed Newsletters, temporarily

Changed Justin Gonzalez to Steve Brockenshire on the Parking Guidelines and the ARC Request forms

8/17/2019:  Links Page -

Added link to Nextdoor Rivers Edge Community

8/23/2019:: Announcements Page -

Added announcement and a link to photos of the bubbler installation.

9/5/2019: Announcements Page - added notice about new management company.

Links Page - Added link to 6/4/2019 and 8/6/2019 BOD meeting minutes.

Contact Us Page - Added Resource Property Management.

7-9-2019:  Announcements Page

Added Notice to Homeowners asking them to inform their realtors about the new rental restrictions when their house is listed for sale.

7-19-2019:  Services Page -

Removed Affordable Palm tree service and added Trim The Tree LLC  in the Tree Trimming Section.

Links Page: Added agenda for the 8/6/2019 Board meeting.

Announcements Page: added information for the 8/6/2019 Board meeting.

8-4-2019: Services Page -

Added Perrone Plumbing LLC

8-7-2019: Contacts Page -

Removed Mike Sassano's contact information.

Announcements Page

Added reference to Argus for correspondence.

8/13/2019: Links Page

Added approved minutes for 4/02/2019.

Announcements Page

Added announcement about the WB luncheon.

Welcome to Whisper Bend

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